Better Economics over the Long Haul

While some types of roofing may have lower initial costs, the true costs of a roofing system are measured over its total life cycle. These include maintenance and repair costs, energy savings, and tear-off and disposal costs. Clearly, economics is a very important criterion for building owners, and High-Performance Roofing systems must be economical if they are to become viable, real-world options.

A Duro-Last Cool Zone roofing system delivers excellent life-cycle economics. Key benefits include:

  • Reduced installation costs through custom factory prefabrication
  • Low maintenance and repair costs
  • Protection from interior damage costs through leak-proof performance
  • Elimination of extended warranty costs
  • Savings incurred through reduced energy consumption, and related rebates or incentives

In 2004 before the most recent energy price increases a 20-year comparison was prepared with the help of independent Midwest roofing contractors. The objective was to compare the life-cycle costs of a High-Performance Roofing system in this case, a prefabricated white PVC single-ply with popular black EPDM and BUR systems for a fully-warranted, 50,000 square-foot re-roof in the Midwest. This hypothetical comparison clearly demonstrates the impact that an energy-efficient, High-Performance Roof can have over time. 

20-Year Life Cycle Cost Considerations

Roof A (Black EPDM/BUR)

Roof B (HPR White PVC Single Ply)

Roof Size

50,000 Square Feet

50,000 Square Feet

Roof Product Cost



Installation (labor + overhead)



Tear-Off, Disposal Costs



Est. Maintenance Costs, 20 Years



Est. Repair Costs, 20 years



Est. Energy Savings, 20 years



Est. Life Cycle Costs