What Wears Roofs Out? - Charter Roofing & Waterproofing

02 August 2014 / News

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  • Exposure... Either long-term exposure to the elements (sun, water, freeze-thaw) or shorter-term exposure to damaging air pollutants, and chemicals

  • Structural Movement... Such as building settlement or expansion/contraction not accommodated by the roofing system
  • Biological Growth... Such as vegetation in areas of standing water or algae
  • Not Fixing Problems Promptly... These can add up to a much shorter roof life--e.g., if a small problem is not repaired, then a large amount of insulation can be damaged
  • Forgetting About Maintenance... This is perhaps the biggest cause of premature roof failure
  • Change In The Use Of The Building... e.g., an increase in the interior relative humidity of a building can cause severe condensation problems within the roofing system

 - Dick Fricklas, REIE