Bill# H.R. 1346 - Federal Government Energy Management Improvement Act

This summary has been edited for length.
Title I: Federal Facilities - (Sec. 101) Amends the National Energy Conservation Policy Act to prescribe energy reduction goals in Federal buildings through FY 2013. Authorizes a Federal agency to exclude a Federal building from such energy performance and specified energy management requirements if the agency has submitted all federally required energy management reports, has achieved compliance with certain energy efficiency requirements, and has implemented all practicable, life cycle cost-effective projects with respect to the building. Extends the current exemption from energy consumption requirements for impracticability to include as a basis energy intensiveness or the performance of a national security function.
Title II: Federal Fleets - (Sec. 201) Amends the Energy Policy and Conservation Act to allow the Secretary of Energy to waive the requirement governing Federal agency use of alternative fuel use in light duty Federal vehicles in a particular geographic area where the alternative fuel is not reasonably available to retail purchasers, or the cost is unreasonably more expensive than the cost of gasoline.
Title III: Federal Procurement - (Sec. 301) Amends the National Energy Conservation Policy Act to prescribe guidelines for Federal procurement of energy efficient products (Energy Star and Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) designated products) and to require their listing in Federal catalogs.
Title IV: Federal Workers - (Sec. 401) Requires the Secretary to study and report to the President and Congress on the energy conservation implications of the widespread adoption of telecommuting by Federal employees in the United States.