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Energy Star and Cool Roof Energy Savings

Energy Star and Cool Roof Energy Savings During the past few years, cool roof systems, or roof systems that have high solar reflectance, have received attention because they can save energy, improved low-slope roof systems durability and enhance the environment.

Light surfaces reflect the suns rays, keeps buildings cooler, lower energy costs and helping to improve the local air quality and environment. Building owners are looking to roofing contractors and manufacturers to offer energy-saving options.
The Cool Roof Program, as it is known, is an aggressive rebate initiative designed to encouraged the installation of light colored roofing surfaces.

Analysis shows white is greener. Clients realize savings of between 27% (for its larger one-story building) and 34% (for the smaller two-story buildings). Many building owners know that installing a white roof is the right thing to do, but not many understand how large an energy savings they may experience.

For additional information you may review Executive Order 13123 Greening the government Through Efficient Energy Management, Signed by William J. Clinton.

June 7, 1999. Federal Register Vol. 64, No. 109