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Roof and structural leaks can be very costly

When it comes to making sure that your commercial property will be dry and safe after the next big storm, there is only one name to trust. Charter Roofing & Waterproofing has the experience and technology to complete your waterproofing job the right way. There are two kinds of problems; know and unknown. The usual waterproofing issues are easy to spot, but often the unseen waterproofing problems are unseen until it is too late. Our experts can accurately asses your waterproofing needs and offer the right remedies.

Charter can waterproof your commercial property

Charter Waterproofing has a full service waterproofing department offering a complete line of services to our customers. These include exterior building restoration, caulking and sealants, sandblasting & cleaning, epoxy injections, parking garage expansion joints, waterblasting, chemical grouting, membrane applications, tuckpointing, masonry & concrete restoration, specialty coatings and water repellents.

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