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In 1944, E.L. Craig began his own roofing business at the age of 69 in an old streetcar barn in Joplin, Missouri. His wife named the company "TAMKO" -- composed from the first letters of the five states they anticipated as their territory: Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. The long, narrow structure of the streetcar barn was ideally suited to house a roofing production line and serve as TAMKO's first headquarters. Despite material and supply shortages created by World War II, Mr. Craig had TAMKO up and running before the year was over--and supporting the war effort in 1945. Today TAMKOŽ Roofing Products, Inc. has grown beyond its original building and territory to become a leading national manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing products, waterproofing, cements and coatings. It is still family--owned and operated with the high standards and hardworking ethic that remain reflected in our products. 
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